December 3, 2022
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Hot! Swizz Beatz Celebrates the Launch of Dom Pérignon Luminous

When you get a message which reads like this: “Want to come to a Dom Pérignon party later?” the only answer as a lover of bubbly and shiny things is-YES! Thank you!

So, last night, despite the torrential downpour I trekked to SoHo for a special party to celebrate the launch of Dom Pérignon Luminous in partnership with Swizz Beatz. Luminous, is a genius new bottle which features a button wired to make the iconic crest glow for hours in the dark.  If this doesn’t scream party-then really what does?

The soirée was held in a seductive loft, which was darken to better display the glow in the dark bottles and featured these interesting wooden panels near the entrance to carefully hide the VIP section. Sneaky! Still the shindig was decidedly festive with go-go dancers entertaining the crowd, Swizz manning the turn tables with a crazy mixture of dance tunes and enticing light bites.  Attendees danced the night away while sipping some really good bubbly.  Famous people spotted include Alan Cummings,  Mick Rock, Mickey Boardman, Ann Dexter-Jones, Chelsea Leyland, Bai Ling, Andre Balazs, Carmelo Anthony, and DJ Cassidy.

Now, if I’ve piqued your interest and must have Luminous, I must inform you the bottle is only available at select venues (read: super expensive).


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