March 23, 2023
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Hot! Six Ideas for a Girls Night In

When are the times you’ve had most fun?  When you’ve been out with a group of friends, right?  The thing is, you don’t always have to out with your friends to have a great time.  In fact, sometimes, that fact that you’re out someplace special can actually put a brake on the fun.  If you really want to cut loose, there’s no better way than inviting a few friends over and mixing a few drinks.  Sometimes that’s enough, everyone is talking at once and having a ball but here’s some suggestions to throw a bit of variety into the mix.  See what you think.

Pamper Night

DIY facemasks are hilarious and will make you feel like you are five years old again and that’s a good feeling.  You’ll get good and messy, everyone looks a fright and you’ll feel great at the end of it.  While you’re waiting for those masks to do their stuff, try a little nail painting, you may discover that some of your friends are actually really good at it.

Clothes Swap

We all love trying stuff on, right?  So, get everyone to bring a bag of clothes that they are tired of and play, that’s right, play, dressing up.  Who knows what great ensembles you might come up with and someone else’s unloved item might just turn out to be your wear every day.

Themed Dinner Parties

OK, so you do dinner parties, well, give your imagination free rein and set your friends a little challenge.  You could pick a decade, say the twenties or the sixties and dress accordingly; you could download a Murder Mystery and get everyone to dress as their character; you could all dress as the same famous person, say Frida Khalo; you could come as a character from a David Bowie song…The only limit is your imagination.

Poker Night

Think Desperate Housewives.  Play for fun not for high stakes.  Play with chips or favours: ’I’ll see your dog walk and raise you a coffee downtown’.  It doesn’t matter if no one knows how to play, print off some hand rankings and everyone will soon be playing like a pro.

Yoga Class

How long have you been going to yoga? Don’t tell me you can’t lead a class.  You can’t? Oh well, put on a youtube video and follow that.  Be sure to light the incense and play some tranquil music.  Who knows, you might just invent a whole new yoga genre.


Always wanted to have a go at making those breakfast muffins or perhaps you desperately need a bunch of cakes for a bake sale?  Enlist the help of your friends and make it a girls’ night in.  If you want to complicate things get everyone to dress in chef’s whites.  Have plenty of cake decorations so people can get creative and have a bottle of bubbly for the best cake, just to make sure everyone’s baking at the top of their game.


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