May 22, 2018

Hot! TOY Restaurant Hosts a Party to Unveil The Oyster Bar and TOY Collection

After hearing a lot buzz and having attending a slew of events at TOY, a little thing such as a severe allergy to shell fish (in particular Oysters), did little to dissuade me from attending the unveiling of their Oyster Bar. So this past Wednesday, I trekked to the meatpacking for a sneak peek at the newly launched bar and a sampling of the TOY Collection.

Naturally, I stayed away from the Oysters but there was still plenty for me to eat. And, I did. I  ate a LOT of sushi which was served on trays resembling TOY’s from the 80’s. Thanks to me there was an empty life-size boat. I am not the least bit ashamed to admit, I engaged in non-model behavior because the options were so delicious.

It seems, the Oyster Bar, based on the satisfied faces was equally as delightful. The bar includes signature TOYSTER Towers and other options.

TOY is located on the corner of 13th Street and 9th Ave. The Oyster Bar, in addition to the TOYSTER Towers, will also feature casual fare off the hotel’s lobby. TOY, is the brainchild of twins Derek and Daniel Koch and partners China Grill. It serves Asian inspired dished.

Some images from the evening.


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