October 29, 2020

Hot! Steve Madden is in Big Trouble


Can you tell the difference between these shoes? I’ll give you a hint one costs $1,159 and other costs $129.95 a fraction of the cost of the original.    Crazy, right?  See the problem?

Alexander McQueen(left) is suing Steve Madden for the “studied imitation”  of Mcqueen’s motorcycle inspired booty.  The Alexander McQueen version has been photographed on the feet feet of Lindsay Lohan, Amerie, Mary-Kate Olsen and Rihanna among others and we can assume the interest to recreate the shoe at an affordable price is intense.  I am not sure whether we can blame Steve Madden for creating the Seryna bootie to meet the demand.  We’ll wait and see what happens.

Image courtesy from NYmag.

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  1. This is actually an interesting problem top designers face, what constitutes “inspired by” looks versus blatant stealing/counterfeiting an original look?

    Forever 21 was hit by the first court battle of it’s kind back in April 09. The courts haven’t made a decision, but one thing is sure, as a consumer, it creates a dilemma–which do we buy? a cheaper, similar product or the bank breaking original? Where should fashion design “borrowers” draw the line?

    Emulating a look is one thing, but I am sorry, as much as I love these boots, SM has gone too far! It’s a matter or ethics and fairness.