March 30, 2023
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Hot! Did I Hear Man Candy and Cupcakes?

Not that I need convincing to engage in gratuitous consumption of baked goods but involving buff men in their skivvies baking certainly (albeit virtually) lessen the guilt. There’s a new book, which features hot men and cupcakes. Can you think of a better pairing? Written by self-proclaimed manthropologist (apparently they exist– who knew?) and author Babe Scott  the recently released book Man Candy and Cupcakes, will include buff bodies and mouth-watering recipes that are designed to “put the flirt back into food.” Have I piqued your interest? Yes, you say!

You can get in on the fun, because Beth needs your help with her sweet and seductive venture on Kickstarter.  The Kickstarter campaign has a slew a fabulous incentives to encourage to you help.  Rewards include limited edition print copies of the book, signed photographs of sexy bakers and Man Candy t-shirts, and my favorite ” visiting the set to see the sparks fly in the kitchen.” In my case sparks will mostly likely be fire.

The book will initially be launched in digital format and will be 100 pages in full color and will feature more than 50 seductive cupcake recipes. Babe is hoping to raise $18,000 by October 18 to get this delicious project cooking.



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