February 1, 2023
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Hot! Gallery Octavia Spencer Covers Elle’s 19th “Women In Hollywood” issue

Octavia Spencer, who won an “Oscar” for her flawless work on The Help, landed the cover of Elle’s 19th “Women In Hollywood” issue.  We are thrilled for myriad of reasons. Spencer, with her seemingly easy-going demeanor, puts a face to the faceless women who the media often forget. And she looks stunning doing so.

In the issue she shared the following:

“Early on I had to stand up to a producer – I won’t say who, but he is famous, famous. He dressed me down in a crowded office. I told him right there in front of a hundred people, ‘You don’t know me well enough to use that tone’…And then I ran to the bathroom and cried like a baby. But he never addressed me that way again. And he is known as a yeller.”

For more on what Octavia shared and the other powerful who appear in the issue pick up the issue on October 16.

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