August 3, 2021
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Hot! Around Town: Man Shops Globe Launch Party

You know you have a problem when you are sick  and take sick self around town to party.  Well, that’s what I did and went to a couple of parties and yes I know I have a problem no need to tell me.   And,  I seriously paid for my bad decision the next day as I was in bed but I enjoyed my time out while I was out.

I started my night  near Rockefeller Center at the Anthropologie store to celebrate  Keith Johnson (Buyer-at-large for Anthropologie)  new documentary style show  the called “Man Shops Globe.”  The show which will air on the Sundance channel follows Mr. Johnson “on his adventures abroad in search of extraordinary antiques and found objects, as well as artists and artisans to commission for original works.” Anyways, the event was packed with guests shopping  and drinking all while waiting for the man of the hour to make an appearance to discuss his show.   The opportunity came around eight when everyone was asked to pite down and listen to a special announcement.

It was interesting to hear this humble man recount his story and how he was able to have a show.  He seem surprised that anyone would be interested in his adventures.  I don’t see why though, I was really hanging on this every word perhaps because I am travel junkie. I mean how cool is your job that you get to travel the world in search of new and exciting things for people to buy?  And, if doesn’t like what he sees he is able able to commission new things. I would say that’s pretty cool job – sign me up. Seriously.

Anyways, the show will start airing today October 7 at 10PM EST.  Check out the trailer now on the Man Shops Globe Website.

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