April 14, 2021
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Hot! Serena Williams Nude Picture Takes the Cover of ESPN Magazine

My friend has this theory that most people look better naked.  I still don’t know whether I agree and that’s probably because being naked its not my thing. I have nothing against getting naked up, I just cold easily so I need my body covered.   Anyways, I bring this up because I came across this picture of Serena Williams and  she looks beautiful.  I guess it kinda proves my friends point being naked helps everyone.  In this picture Serena looks like a Million bucks. Go ahead Serena show them what you got (tastefully of course).

The issue will hit newsstand soon.

Click on Post to view larger image.

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  1. OK… I think I look fabulous naked…not as great as Serena but definitely softer. But here is my thing….great you have a beautiful body…but does the whole world have to see your goodies…I Just think it should be personal. But hey a sistah as a sexy, beauty image with curves in not a bad trade off . Ladies Let’s keep our grace..or am I just a prudist American. Mixed Feelings, Lydia

  2. Am I the only one who thinks she should be banned from tennis? Or at least suspended for awhile? And ok, I think she’s hot. But that’s beside the point. This writer was spot on :