April 17, 2021
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Hot! Madcon Represents Norway at Ramscale Party

What’s hot and happening in Norway is a group by the name of Madcon; I would learn last Friday (October 1st) during a party held at Ramscale Studios (one of my favorite event space in the city) celebrating Norwegian Culture.

This multiplatinum recording hip-hop musical group is burning up the airways with the smash hit Beggin‘, and is Europe’s biggest hip-hop group. While, the group is popular in Europe, Madcon is immensely popular in Norway. And, why the duo was picked to represent Norway.

The spirited duo performed a medley of songs to the raucous audience (take a look at my video from the evening), including Beggin’ which really seemed to energize the mostly Norwegian attendees.

The evening performances ended with Madcon inviting Norwegian staffers to the stage. There’s nothing funnier and more endearing than seeing tall Norwegian men dressed in fuchsia suites doing old school hip-hop dances. Let’s see – someone did the snake, another did the funky chicken, still another did the robot, and really daring fella broke into the running man. Hilarious.

In addition to the special appearance from Madcon the party featured delicious bites, bubbly and despite the weather really spectacular views of the city skyline. The food, the décor, and the ambiance, all made for a great party.

Check out scenes from the evening.

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