April 13, 2021
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Hot! Angelo Pietro Dressings Review


To be truly fabulous means to have impeccable taste and taste is exactly what I am going to talk you about. As the holidays approach us, we need to avoid that holiday weight gain. With feast from Eid, to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanuka, New Years–don’t to forget all the chocolate in the office and the festive cocktail hours and the pounds can creep up on us fast.

So to help you to avoid this weight gain, I have a yummy solution: Angelo Pietro home style dressing! The Pietro dressing is a perfect blend and combination of Japanese & Italians spices & ingredients. And, the Pietro Dressings come in four flavors Ginger, Shoyu, Ume and Sesame Miso. Pietro’s dressing can give your common salad a gourmet twist. There are many foods you can spice up with Pietro’s Dressing- for instance try grilling some asparagus and drizzling some Shoyu Pietro Dressing. Or, how about dipping dumpling or perigees in Pietro’s Sesami & Miso dressing instead of plain soy sauce. Instead, of using butter to flavor those garlic mash potatoes, try splashing some Ume Pietro Dressing.

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Excite Your Palate,


Maisha A L Dang


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