September 26, 2021
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Hot! Five Must-Haves for the Working Fashionista

New York Mercedes-Benz fashion seemed like forever ago. Sadly, the effects from those nine days are still being felt but great planning made the experience at least manageable. With Paris fashion week kicking into high-gear we decided to compile a list of must-haves that every working fashionistas should have in her arsenal. Fashion Week Maven, Jill Goldsberry, share with FAB! five of her fashion week survival tools.

Start with a comfortable pair of shoes, shared Jill. She explained Flip-flops are absolute must “and they better be cute because you’re still in NY [and] not on the beach.” Her favorite brand – Havianas.

Don’t forget the fashionable tape. “Since outfits may be changed at a friends [apartment] instead of running back home I like to keep roll of isastrips double stick tape and isabelt clear skinny belts with me,” said Jill. The strips prevent any wardrobe malfunctions; and the belt works perfectly with jeans that are big around the waist.

Get your lip stain /cheek stain. Save space in your purse with a “two and one” makeup piece. Jill loved Stila Raspberry Lip/Cheek Stain from Stila Cosmetics. A good one for a busy gal who doesn’t have much time to re-apply makeup throughout the day. For Jill, this one worked so well, she had to wash “ face twice to get the blush off completely.” Its just a great product to keep in your makeup bag.

Where’s the Umbrella? Yep, it should be uber cool. Like the one from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Jill choose Marc’s chic umbrella because “it makes a great little addition that fits perfectly in your bag. It even comes with a cover to prevent water leaking in the purse.” Want one for yourself? This little ditty can be found on

Smart Phone? Of course you need it. For Jill, the iPhone, was her trusted companion. “Getting around the city there is an APP for that. What’s so great about the iPhone particularly is that phone comes with a GPS, which is super handy in this city. This GPS will pinpoint your directions down to the centimeter. There is no reason to ever get lost with your handy iPhone,” she mused. And, we could not agree more.

These products kept Jill sane and hopefully if you take her advice you too.

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