February 1, 2023
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Hot! Beauty Items You Don’t Want to Take Your Next Vacay Without

No matter how far in advance you begin packing for a vacation or how many lists you have, you always manage to leave something behind. In some cases, the items are minor and you can either go without them or find them in a nearby store. But imagine getting all the way to your destination to learn that you’ve left your beauty products home!

Trying to find the right brand, shade, or type of beauty product when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings can be quite difficult which is why you don’t want to take your next vacay without packing these items. 
Skincare Products
It took you a great deal of time, trials, and errors, to figure out which skincare products work best to keep your skin healthy. So, you don’t want to get out of town without them. Skipping your morning and night routines even for a few days can alter your skin’s appearance. So, make sure that you’ve packed things like your cleanser, moisturizers, serums, makeup remover, and sunscreen. You may also want to bring your own face rag, cotton swabs, and wipes. 
Though you’re fabulous either way, a little makeup can go a long way to boosting your confidence and bringing out your personal style. Not all makeup products are created equally and trying to work a miracle with cheap products or the wrong shades will only frustrate you when you should really be having a good time. As you pack your bags, don’t forget that red, pink, or brown matte lipstick you love,  your foundation, bronzer, blush, concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. 
Bath and Body
Hygiene, of course, is something you want to maintain while on vacation. Though many hotels offer complimentary soaps and lotion, they may not be ideal for your skin. Imagine using soap that makes you itchy and lotion that leaves you dry after a few minutes of application. Not much of an exciting time. So, it is best to bring your own body wash or soap, lotion, and perfume. If you plan on having a relaxing evening in the hotel room, you can also pack a few scented candles and bath salts or oils as well. 
No one wants vacation photos filled with bad hair days. Though you want to let your hair down a bit you also want to look great while doing it. So, don’t leave home without your hair care products. This can include shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, styling gels, sprays, curlers, bobby pins, rubber bands, combs, brushes, curling irons, blow dryers, and a headscarf to keep your style neat. 
Look for Travel Sizes
As you’re probably aware, the more luggage you have the more it’s going to cost you to travel. You can keep things to a minimum and get everything you need in a carryon by purchasing travel size containers of the above-mentioned beauty items. They’re a lot smaller and take up less space. If they don’t come in travel sizes, you can transfer some of the product to smaller containers for transporting. You can visit a drug store and find small clear bottles and containers for everything from your toothbrush to your shampoo. 
Know The Rules
Before packing your beauty products be sure that you know the rules. There are certain airlines that do not allow travelers to board the plane with liquids or other products unless they meet the necessary requirements. For example, all liquids makeup and otherwise (toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, etc)must be in a container that’s no larger than 3.4 ounces. They must also fit in one clear bag no larger than a quart. Failing to educate yourself on these rules prior to leaving could result in your beauty products being confiscated and discarded. 

When you’re on vacation you want to look and feel your best. Leaving home without your skincare products, makeup, bath and body, hair care items, isn’t the end of the world, but it does make the trip more complicated. Try finding the right brand, shade, size, and type while you’re out of town. Depending on where you are it could be mission impossible. Avoid the hassle altogether by adding the items listed above to your travel packing checklist. 

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