October 18, 2018

Hot! #NYFW: Creatures of the Wind Spring 2015 Beauty Backstage

For spring 2015, the team behind Creatures of the Wind, juxtaposed west coast style with east coast aesthetic.  Hair was beautifully low maintenance with fresh dewy makeup. Backstage, we spoke to the teams behind the look and we were told the inspiration for the look was skater “boys in L.A, but on girls.” The intriguing inspiration resulted in a lovely look. Here’s the lowdown on how to create the look at home.

Hair:  Hairstylist, Anthony Tuner, created a look for the models that played against their prettiness “not overly obvious and conceptual way” using all Bumble and Bumble products.

Tuner, prepped the hair with Bumble and Bumble’s Full Form Mousse. He used the product throughout the hair to give it a little life of volume. To have the models hair look fresh down the runway and not like “generic set of robots,”  Tuner, parted the models hair wherever they naturally felt. He then applied Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray on the hair to gave it a matte finish. With his fingers, he raked the hair back into a messy low ponytail at the neck and secured it with hair tie.

Makeup: James Boehmer, Nars director of global artistry, was inspired by the “Skater boy culture”. Using Nars proudcts, James Boehmer prepped the skin with Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and Stick Concealer. He then applied Loose Powder on the skin for an undone fresh finish. To give the models a healthy flush, Boehmer used Ligueria Lipstick on the cheeks. The eyes were shaded with new Vent Salé Lip Gloss, for a slight shine. Brows were brushed up with Oural Brow Gel for a messy boyish look. The lips were tinted with Vent Salé Lip Gloss to match the eyes.

Nails: Creative directors from Creatures of the Wind, Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters were inspired by the flurry illusion that appears at the horizon in the desert and arctic from a far away glance.  Objects can become abstracted and dreamy by distance, which naturally translated into a metallic layered ombré“mirage nail” by Katie Hughes, Global Colour Ambassaor with butter LONDON. Katie gave us a few tips on how to perfect this runway nailart.

Get the look:

Step 1: First prep and clean nails. Trim and cut cuticles (or push back if preferred).

Step 2: Apply a coat of “Rescue” Basecoat onto nail to provide a smooth canvas for color.

Step 3: Using a rich-grey shade, “Full Steam Ahead”, start by applying from the tip of the nail, towards the cuticle in light strokes.

Step 4: The main step for the ombré effect, use a fine grain silver shade in “Diamond Geezer”. Katie used her finger to organically blot the silver on top of the grey coat to mid nail bed and slowly faded it out.

Step 5: Apply “Rescue” Topcoat to create the perfect finished shine for long lasting nails.

Reporting by Mary Li with additional reporting by Lorna Solano

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