April 17, 2021
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Hot! Beat The Winter Weight Gain with Count Me Healthy Bracelet

I don’t know what it is about the Fall/Winter months that wreak havoc on my waist line. Perhaps it’s the shorter days or the colder weather that leave me wanting to eat more. Whatever it is I am often snacking and eating poorly throughout the day to keep warm. This year, in search of a way to discreetly curb my bad winter eating habits, I came across this uber chic “Count Me Healthy Bracelet.”

This elegant hand-crafted sterling silver bead bracelet tracks goals using a simple counting system. So, choose a goal (stay away from cream cheese bagels and Chai Tea Lattes loaded with sugars) and then assign a value to each of the 12 beads based on that goal. For example, if you decide that instead of drinking a delicious and warm sugary drink you would rather have a glasses of water, then each bead could stand for one glass or bottle of water. Then, just slide each of the beads, one at-a-time, from one side to the other –counting your way to better health. And, after the day is done you can see how well or badly you’ve done. This cool way of tracking your goals keeps you in engage in your process and look fabulous while doing so.

The cool bracelet can also serve as a way to track other personal goals that only you need to know. Happy tracking.

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