January 28, 2023
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Hot! Top Fitness Trends for 2019

From cycling to Nintendo Wii Workouts and from the Thighmaster to Yoga, every year has its share of fitness trends, and 2019 is no exception. No matter which of these trends you choose to follow, the point is to do the ones you’re most comfortable with and the ones that keep you in the shape you want to be in. 

Signing up for Classes at the Gym
From a barre workout class to Zumba and from yoga to team training, many people are signing up for classes at the gym in 2019. Not only does it help you get into shape, you might even make a few friends along the way. Signing up for classes at the gym is a trend that will be popular for years because working out with others is always a boost. 

Wearable Technology
Topping the list of fitness trends for this year is wearable technology. Users report that being able to keep track of everything from steps to their heart rate has gone a long way towards helping them not only be healthy but to meet their fitness goals as well. Some of the most popular this year include pedometers and fitness trackers that will do everything from count your calories to monitoring your breathing. If you’re into the whole technology thing, then this tech is something you’re going to want to check into for sure. 

Older Adult Fitness Classes
As the baby boomer generation moves into retirement age, older adult fitness classes have become quite popular. In this way, they don’t have to deal with the younger generation and can stay fit at the same time. After all, it’s much more fun to attend a class with people your own age, than to attend a fitness class with people who are 20 years younger than you and have different goals, don’t you think?

Yes, yoga has been around for centuries in other countries, and in the United States for quite a while as well. However, in 2019, it seems to have hit its stride with people doing it at home and at the gym on a regular basis. That would be because yoga does everything from reducing stress levels to improving your sleep quality and from helping blood circulation to helping digestion. What’s not to love about that?

Personal Trainers
Again while personal trainers have certainly been around for many years, they have become extremely popular, as Americans begin to realize just how important fitness is to staying healthy. Many people are paying good money to be trained by a professional in the fitness field. Some have them come to their homes, while others pay the gym and go there to be prompted to be fit and pushed to get the job done the right way. This is the perfect solution for someone who is looking to get fit but lacks the determination to get the job done without prompting and being pushed to do it. 

Exercise Is Medicine
One of the biggest trends for 2019, and for the years to come, is that exercise is medicine. Not only can it help you get to the place you want to be with your health and fitness, but it is also good for stress levels and your emotional and mental health as well. 

No matter which of these trends is most appealing to you, if you want to get fit, then any or all of them will work. You just need to make up your mind to meet those fitness goals you’ve set, and follow these trends well into 2020. 

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