July 19, 2018

Hot! Gallery I am a Mets Fan But I Went to Yankees Fun Because of Party Bus…

I like champagne a lot, like a fat kid love cakes lot. And, I love a good ol’ party bus (if we ever meet, ask me about traveling in Australia on a makeshift party bus) like I love champs. Which as you just read is: a lot. So, when I received an invitation to attend a Yankees game in the Bronx (if you don’t know how I feel about past 59th’s street–here’s refresher), as a faux Mets fan I was not entirely excited. That is until I read party bus. My allegiance, admittedly shifty, were no match to a party bus. Naturally, I excitedly agreed to attend the game.

The game day was this past Tuesday and was part of the Tommy Bahama Day at Yankee Stadium. Myself, along with a group of editors some of whom were probably real Yankees fan–an assumption based on their Yankees gear (make of that what you will) met at the Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar restaurant (located at 551 5th Avenue) before boarding the bus.

The bus was stocked with custom hats with “Relax” etched on them, Tommy Bahama Mai Tais and food. There were tuna and cheese hors d’oeuvres along wit Tommy Bahama’s “world-famous” coconut shrimp. The bites were fit for a proper party. We noshed on the bus before heading to the Bronx to see the game and enjoy the additional special accommodations the team had created for us. The special activities included a special suite that featured two cocktail stations: one for regular mixed drinks and the other for fresh made mojitos. The rarefied group editors mingled in the section before joining the game in progress.

On the evening, the Bronx Bombers played Tampa Bay Rays. If you want to know what happened, don’t ask me what happened or what the score was, because chances are I am going to lie to you.

Some images from the evening.


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