March 30, 2023
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Hot! Comparing Different Types of Swimwear

When it comes to swimwear options for women, there are seemingly endless colors, patterns, brands, sizes and styles to choose from in the retail market. While many women prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar stores to try on and assess fit when shopping for swimwear, other ladies enjoy the ease and convenience of online shopping. 
Here are some of the most popular swimsuit styles and some of the highlights that each option provides the respective wearer.

1. One-Piece Swimsuit
The classic one-piece swimsuit is a go-to style for many women. In addition to being arguably the most modest option for women, a one-piece bathing suit is great at hiding a multitude of perceived flaws. Pattern placement, ruching, tummy-control panels, and other details can give the illusion of a more svelte and proportioned physique. A one-piece swimsuit is the most appropriate and modest of the available styles, and many minimalist travel enthusiasts purchase one-piece bathing suits to also wear as a layering piece or bodysuit when not in the water.

There are many benefits of this type of swimwear with regard to practicality and style. A bandeau bikini is typically very lightweight, portable and perfect for travel. Many bandeau bikinis do not have underwire support in the top, so they can roll or fold down into a tiny ball and be stuffed into a pair of shoes or into the nooks and crannies of a suitcase. Bandeau bikinis are also one of the best options for minimizing tan lines. Since most of these suits do not have straps, women do not have to worry about painful marks and indentations on their shoulders. Bandeau bikinis are often made in vibrant colors and patterns. Some may also feature ruffles, fringe, and other trendy details to add a touch of femininity and playfulness.

The tankini swimsuit offers many of the same benefits of a one-piece bathing suit, but the tankini offers more versatility when it comes to mixing and matching. Tankini suits often have a shelf bra or underwire support in the top. Women who are a different size on top than on the bottom often reach for a tankini swimsuit. They can purchase a top in the size that they need and a complimentary bottom in the size desired to create a customized look. Many tankini buyers love the idea of mixing and matching their separates, so they will purchase multiple swimsuits in a wide array of colors and patterns to add to their swimwear wardrobe.

The monokini is a hybrid style of swimsuit. If you marry a traditional one-piece bathing suit with a bikini, you get the unique-looking monokini. This style is a great swimsuit option for women who enjoy surfing and other hardcore water sports. A monokini offers full coverage on both the top and the bottom with a cutout midsection. This look creates an hourglass silhouette. Bikini swimsuits can often shift during heavy water activity, but a monokini helps to keep the top and bottom in place since it is essentially a one-piece style.
Women come in all shapes and sizes. Modern styles and cutting-edge manufacturing have made shopping for swimsuits a joy rather than a chore for women. Each style of swimsuit offers wearers a plethora of benefits and styling options. This helps women look and feel their best whether they are splashing in the water with their family or enjoy cocktails by the cabana at night in their favorite bathing suit.

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