February 4, 2023
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Hot! Stylish Halloween costume ideas for 2017

With Halloween only a month away, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear. Halloween kicks off the holiday party season, so it’s worth taking the time to make a grand entrance with a killer costume that you’ll want to wear again and again! Here are a few fashion-forward ideas to get you started.

Grunge-era Courtney Love

The 90s are back in a big way and the trend shows no sign of stopping. If you love the slip dress, thigh highs and flannel look, then you probably already have everything needed in your closet to pull out a show-stopping Courtney Love costume. It’s all about the accessories with this one, so shop around for a tiara, pair of torn fishnet stockings and smeared red lipstick. You’ll be going to your party as a serious grunge queen.

Great Gatsby Flapper Style

Are you looking for a costume that you can pull out again for Christmas and New Year’s parties in a few months? Then dress up in a flapper style, a trend that will probably never go away. The long pearl strands, chic faux bob, and fringed dress just tends to look amazing on every body type, so it’s something you can wear again and feel confident in. Shell out for a real vintage dress if you want a collector’s item to add to your closet.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is hot stuff this year in box office terms, but her outfit is also super stylish and fun to wear. You can make your own DIY costume with a few simple items that are probably already in your closet. Start with a red strapless top or swimsuit, which you can embellish with gold-painted duct tape to make a W shape. On the bottom, wear a pair of blue shorts or a blue miniskirt, decorated with white stars. Finish off the look with red knee-high boots. Red is the colour of the autumn season, so these shouldn’t be hard to find this year and you can easily reuse them. This is also a good costume theme for couples, as your significant other could dress up as a superhero as well whether he prefers a Captain America costume or Superman suit.

Stranger Things

We’re all obviously obsessed with Stranger Things, and season 2 comes out just in time for Halloween. Eleven and Barb are both great options for costumes this year. To dress as Eleven, pull out your best 80s-style pink dress and box of Eggo waffles. Barb’s style has been a fashion inspiration for many already with her now-iconic oversized glasses and mom jeans.  

Game of Thrones

Like Stranger Things and Wonder Woman, this last category is drawn from 2017’s pop culture. Game of Thrones may have just left the small screen for another achingly long hiatus, but there’s plenty of fashionable costume inspiration to be had. Dress up as the Mother of Dragons, or even as a dragon yourself. Cersei, Sansa Stark, or the White Walkers are all great costume ideas depending on how spooky you want to get with your look.

Whether you prefer the classic style of a flapper or a throwback kitschy look like a Stranger Things character, there’s plenty to choose from this year.


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