May 17, 2022
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Hot! Leanne Marshall Spring/Summer 2010

I was thrilled, to attend the Leanne Marshall Spring/Summer Collection.  I loved her on Project Runway so I was really looking forward to what she has been up to since her time at show.  At that time I was of hers, I loved her collection because it was very feminine and soft and pretty. What else could I girl want?  I got to say this collection did not disappoint.

This collection is clearly Leanne just more grown up than the collections I’ve seen in the past from her.  It’s also very cohesive.  To me each piece was part of a huge puzzle to collect for a fun price at the end and what I fun price it was the collection was superb.  The pieces were fun, with well constructed shapes and patterns, with intricate details that I didn’t see anywhere else in the tents.  I applaud her for that.

But gone are the silks, satin that I loved in her project runway collection and instead she choose more economically friendly fabric cotton.  I enjoyed seeing her  playing with  the different shape and patterns that make for a unique collection with the  Leanne trademark  look and feel: soft and girly! I am glad to see that hasn’t change!

Additionally, it was fun to see her former cast mates in the front to celebrate her official show! I felt I was part of the reunion while enjoying the collection.  Take a  look at the collection and video of the finale below.


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