February 9, 2023
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Hot! Gifts for Getting Youth to Spend More Time Outdoors

You probably have many happy childhood memories of spending hours playing outdoors. While you probably also played some video or computer games, perhaps enjoying your own Nintendo gaming system, it wasn’t as large a part of your life as gaming is for kids nowadays.

How can you convince your tech-savvy child there’s more to life than screens and social media? Simple. Encourage them with a fun gift for playing outdoors.

1. Buy a 10-Foot Trampoline with an Enclosure
A large trampoline will give your kid plenty of space to jump around. If they’re small, they could even jump with their friends. Trampolining is safe when you use an enclosure net to eliminate the gap between the net and jumping surface. Since jumping on a trampoline will get blood pumping and muscles moving, it won’t be long before your kid will be jumping for joy.

2. Find Electric Scooters Online
Electric scooters for rent are fun, but they’re not very cost-effective for regular use. All kinds of electric scooters for kids are available online. Start by asking your kid what features they’d prefer and find one within your budget that matches that description. Besides enjoying the thrill of motion, your child will also become skillful in handling a motor vehicle. This will make it easier for them to learn to drive a car when they become a teenager. An electric scooter will also be fun for them to play with other kids you have scooters, too.

3. Get a Basketball Hoop
A basketball hoop will immediately appeal to your child if they already love the game. If they aren’t familiar with playing basketball because they are so young, then this would be a great way to introduce them to it. Playing basketball is a social activity. It will help you bond with your child as you teach them drilling or shooting skills. Your kid will also have a go-to activity to suggest when friends visit.

4. Invest in a Bike
No list of outdoor gifts for kids would be complete without mentioning the venerable bicycle. Invented in 1817 by German Baron Karl von Drais, who worked as a civil servant for the Grand Duke of Baden in Germany, the bike has entertained adults and children for hundreds of years. You probably remember how much you enjoyed biking all over town with your friends, loving the freedom it gave you. Your child will appreciate the freedom of getting around, too.

5. Try Roller Skating
Roller skating is a superb mood booster and a social activity. Besides providing hours of fun, it’s also an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. Roller skating improves agility, balance, and coordination, and it also strengthens the heart and enhances endurance.
When deciding on a gift for your child, involve them in the buying process–whether it is making an online purchase, flipping through a catalog, or going to a store. While it might be tempting to just surprise them, they may not get as enthused as you’d like. If your gift idea isn’t something that resonates with them, they may try it a few times just to please you, but then quickly lose interest.

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