February 19, 2019

Hot! Gallery Cinderella Inspired Shoes Are Happening.

Your childhood dream of having your very own pair of glass slippers is about to become a reality. No seriously.

To celebrate the Blue-ray launch of Cinderella: Diamond Edition, Disney collaborated with DSW to create a special collection of glass slippers shoes inspired by the timeless classic. The limited edition DSW by Disney Glass Slipper Collection, will have a satin shell and some some serious appliqué. There’s crystal, lace, glitter, ruffles, and studs but sadly no glass shell. While, our inner kid is sad about that, the affordable value more than makes up for it. All the shoes will retail for under $89.95 and the lowest model will retail for $59.95.

We know you’re excited. Go on scream. We won’t judge, and we’ll see you at DSW on October 1st. While you wait take a gander through the collection. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Disney


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