March 26, 2023
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Hot! L’Oreal Breakfast at The James Hotel Showcases La Roche-Posay

L’Oreal welcomed skin care enthusiasts to the penthouse of The James Hotel recently for a breakfast presentation of their broad line of skin products from La Roche-Posay. Attendees noshed on pastries, parfaits and fruit and enjoyed delicate teas and juices while observing skin care presentations of the impressive line of products under the brand.

La Roche-Posay’s strict, refined philosophy is based on rigorous formulation criteria and the use of medically tested and proven healing thermal spring water that produces top of the line skincare focused on both dermatology and beauty. Treatments are specifically designed to deliver their healing action to the skin’s core.

Dermatologists were on hand at the event to discuss several of the product lines as well as give skincare advice and tips. Products designed for specific skin ailments were being demonstrated and discussed in different stations focused on anti-aging, acne, sensitive, and reactive/redness prone skin. We were particularly impressed by the Redermic eye formula, an intensive anti-wrinkle and firming cream that magically fills in fine lines for an instant eye lift. We were so impressed with the instant results that we wanted to immediately slather ourselves with the stuff.

Guests were gifted with a generous bag of products to try. We are enthusiastic about such promising skincare possibilities!

Check out La Roche-Posay and their impressive line of products and peruse the wealth of medical information, research studies, and dermatological advice. Intense!

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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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