June 28, 2022
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Hot! Change The Way You Walk With FitFlop

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I sported a series of wonderful heels that looked fab but were a killer on my body. After fashion week my feet got into a big fight with my heels. To keep the peace – I temporarily swore off those dazzling shoes. All was going well, that is, until I received an invitation to preview the Fall/Winter collection from FitFlop. The invitation read – wear “your highest heels” to conduct a biochemical pressure mapping. In the interest of the greater good the two reunited. I wore my AMAZING united Nude shoes.

I confidently strode into the FitFlop showroom, learned about the brand and how it will change my life. FitFlop’s apparently absorbs 22% more shock when you walk than standard shoes. It increases leg muscle activation by up to 19% (hello lazy). It also decreases plantar foot pressure and may help realign ground reaction force. For high-heel loving gals, like me, the ability to decrease plantar pressure may help in reducing some back pressure and some other common ailments associated with the constant use of heels; A lesson I soon would learn during my biochemical pressure mapping. Apparently, my fabulous shoes offer me NO arch support, so much so that my case was the worst they saw during the day (at least I won right?) and changing to FitFlop greatly increased my arch support.

The selection of FitFlop has greatly increased from when they launched and only sold flip-flops. The selection now includes casual boots with sheepskin lining, suede boots, leather boots, sneakers, and there’s also a selection for men. Surprisingly the shoes look very “normal” and super cute.

If FitFlop has it way the temporary breakup between my feet and heels my actually became permanent. And, with the shoes I picked out (Tall Leather Superboot) at the preview I am already on my way to divorce court. You may too after you get a pressure mapping of your shoes. Check out the details on getting your pressure mapping this weekend.

Check out a quick video from  Jay of FitFlop explaining the technology

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