July 20, 2018

Hot! Gallery Surviving #NYFW: See Our Associate Editor Picks


As Fashion Week has continued on to take London and Milan by storm, we here at TFR are finding that our go-to lifesavers while on-the-go during New York Fashion Week have remained securely in our bags – mainly because they got us through the week in style, and we can’t imagine being anywhere without them on hand again!

See what helped our Associate Editor Pauline Ma get through each day.


"This case for my iPhone 5 got so much attention! It was the perfect accessory and allowed my phone to literally be attached to my hand at all times. It was the quickest solution to have my phone easily accessible and ready for photographing and recording my favorite moments during Fashion Week."

"This Sydney Tote by Danielle Nicole seriously saved the day, every day. I would be out from about 7 AM through 8 or 9 PM, knowing I would leave home with a relatively empty bag and return with an overflowing one - stuffed with show takeaways, goodies, the heels I was glad to be out of... I love the color and pattern of this tote in Bronze Snake. It definitely served a fashionable but functional purpose."

"It's no secret that I'm a huge Mario Badescu fan. The Peptide Renewal Serum (newly released to retailers this month) was a must for me, especially at night right before bed, to keep my skin smooth and soft. I love the way my face feels after using this - so silky! I've shared this must-have with my mom for its anti-aging benefits and she's hooked too."

"A few days into FW were enough to bring on darkness under my eyes. This Miracle Skin Transformer Concealer for Eyes and Face is always a quick fix. I like how easily it blends into skin with an airbrush-like result."

"We had a pretty big range in temperature during FW. My lips felt like they needed some extra TLC, so I applied my Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Lemon (also awesome as a post-sun product) regularly throughout the day. Even when I was wearing lip color, I always had this on."

"I reached into my bag for this John Masters Organics Lavender Hydrating Mist for Skin and Hair multiple times each day. I love the smell of lavender to begin with - and with its anti-inflammatory benefits, a quick spritz of this was an instant pick-me-up, especially when I was feeling tired or my skin/hair was feeling dry."

"Allure hosted a fabulous lounge down the block from Lincoln Center in partnership with Maybelline. I needed my makeup to pack an extra punch one day before being on camera, and the lovely Melinda Martinez helped me choose the On Fire Red shade from the Color Sensational Vivids line. Granted, I was good and drank through a straw the rest of the day, but this had some serious staying power and looked fab on camera. Plus the bold, rich hue earned me quite a few compliments from fellow show goers!"

"My Derek Cardigan glasses have definitely always been an every day staple, but I loved wearing them during Fashion Week (contacts were simply a no-go on some mornings) for an added dimension to some of my outfits. This season I worked with Coastal Contacts on a video feature that I'm excited to share with our TFR readers soon."

"I couldn't always wait until I got home to use these e.l.f. Studio Lotion Wipes. The fresh scent and soothing sensation instantly helped me feel refreshed. I particularly like using this right after I've washed off my makeup to seal skin with a protective layer of moisture. We've featured these on TFR before, and at only $3.00 a pop there's no excuse for it to be missing from anyone's beauty closet."

"Last but certainly not least on my Top 10 this season was Gold Medal Medicated Oil. I was selective on which liquid products I'd have in my bag all day, but I had to have this on me. Remember those few days earlier this month that were crazy humid and hot? I'm always super prone to getting mosquito bites and on top of that, my skin is really sensitive -- my bites usually swell like crazy. I've recently discovered that a dab of this oil on my feet, inner arms, and knees is amazingly effective at keeping those pests away."

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