April 16, 2021
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Hot! Renaissance Hotel 57 Open its Door and You Are Invited…

Well, not really I was – its the same thing right?   Anyways, the Renaissance Hotel 57 officially opened its door after a $40 million renovations and makeover from the watchful eye of designer Jordan Moze. And, I have to tell you the hotel is in the middle of Manhattan with most amazing views of New York City and right in the center of Fifth avenue.  I don’t know what else you could want in a hotel but I bet this one has it.

To celebrate the opening,  the hotel held a party in where else the hotel.  Logical right? It was.   We had the opportunity to see the hotel and experience all fun first fun.  And, fun it was.   We were serve the most amazing food,  they were women walking around “selling” vintage candies such as sugar daddy, candy cigaratte,  push pops and of course music. The music included tunes from the famous DJ Kiss.  She played a fun mix of  R&B, Hip&Hop, Classic Rock, and Pop of course everyone was dancing to the tunes (after I got the started the party started of course).  Additionally,  we were treated to a performance by the most amazing pianist Eric Lewis “ELEW”.  He was amazing, I said he was amazing, right?  If that wasn’t enough there was also performace by Mr. Hudson.  I got to say that I was really surprised by his sound and I really enjoyed it.  I spotted both Brooke Shields and Penn Badgley also enjoying the performance.

Also, spotted in the crowd was Kelly Bensimon. You guys know she is shy and doesn’t like her picture taken  so I didn’t- I kid of course about Kelly being shy.   I also spotted the lovely Becki Newton with friends having a grand ole time.

Check out a video from Mr. Hudson performance.


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