October 17, 2018

Hot! #NYFW Libertine Spring 2015 Beauty Report

Libertine‘s Johnson Hartig inspiration for spring 2015, stemmed from Pat Buckley in the 80’s and the raver scene. Seeing the runway show go off without a hitch can only translate to how amazing the backstage team was in hair, makeup and nails!

Nick Irwin, global creator of Tigi, created a lived in 60’s, high crown hairstyle reminiscent of the rave scene for the females and did absolutely nothing for the male models. We asked Irwin how he handles various models coming from different shows and creating the “Libertine look”. Irwin said, “It all depends on how their hair looks when they arrive. Some are very simple in which we can just manipulate the texture and others we go with the flow. But nonetheless, it’s very simple when it comes to using the Tigi products to achieve this goal.” First Irwin used Catwalk by Tigi’s Dry Shampoo for texture and matte finish all over hair. Then twist and lift hair at the crown with height. Use Tigi’s Modifying Spray for volume and secure with large silver clips. Finish off with Tigi’s Work It Hairspray for frizz control and workable hold to set.

Chantel Miller, MAC’s makeup artist’s inspiration was “1960’s London Street worn in liner.” Miller prepped the skin with Softening Lotion and concealed only if needed. The eyes were prepped with MAC’s Prep & Prime and Transparent Powder all over the lids. Use MAC’s Black Crème Liner and a MAC 266 Angled Liner Brush; apply a very thick line across the entire lid. The line was super skinny by the tear duct to create a dramatic illusion. The top liner was super clean and sharp while the bottom liner was more “worn in” for Miller’s London Street inspiration. The brows were brushed up very messy. Set with a clear brow set by MAC. The lips were very natural and conditioned with Lip Conditioner and muted with Studio Finish Concealer where needed. Finishing off the skin, Miller lightly brushed over with Prep & Prime’s Transparent Powder.

The nail segment was courtesy of Jan Arnold, co-founder of CND Nails. Jan Arnold dubbed herself, as a “Libertine addict.” So she was naturally excited to work on the look.  Since Johnson Hartig incorporates lots of tassels in his pieces, Arnold decided to do the same with the nails! The nails were glued onto the matte white nails. Using a liquid powder acrylic, Arnold and her team created ten skulls detailed with a gold tooth and a moveable jaw. Talk about jaw dropping (pun intended). Arnold said, “Each skull took about an hour to finish. The ribcage piece has a hinge that also took an hour. But it was so worth it!” The other nail pieces that stood out were the individual raver beads that spelled out “Libertine” and showcasing a tassel as an exclamation point. We loved the nail work so much and Jan awesome nails that we had to ask her about the glammed out metal mesh nails (see pictures). Arnold said, “Nails are meant to have fun with, so why not push it?

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