April 12, 2021
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Hot! Persona Magazine Launch Party at Griffin

Amber Rose (AKA Kanye West future ex-wife), Kanye West, Russell Simmons and others were on hand for Persona magazine official release party at Griffin.  According to the press release Persona Magazine a new digital and print magazine  that “will speak to and reflect the thoughts and emotions of critical and creative thinkers of the current mixed generation. With the blues of urban angst and the hues of high fashion, the abstract greens and browns of the underground and eclectic purple sound of electronica, PERSONA Magazine is the prism that enables this generation to view a full spectrum of expression, from the collective conscience to individual awakenings.”  Uhm.. yeah another magazine.

The party which was held in the middle of fashion week was jammed packed with fashionable folks –  no surprise there as the day before the event an email was sent which asked guests to dress fashionable.  Yes, really!   I guess the response was huge to attend the magazine launch party because we were also told to bring ID and business cards to prove our identity.  So, I was very apprenhsive about attending the event as I was frankly scared by the requests.  Fear aside and courage in hand I made my way to the party which was actually a lot of fun.  I partied and dance the night away well until 10 when I was tired from fashion week and made my way home.

I did spy Kanye West pre-VMA freakout with cover girl who was wearing the skin tight body suits  both of whom where there for like 15 minutes. I ask you where does she get them? Though, I must say that the next day I did see some body suits and I find myself thinking: Amber would like that.  Like I even know her.

Anyways, also in attendance was Janice Dickson, Teyana Taylor and of course all the fabulous guests.


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