January 30, 2023
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Hot! New York Fashion Week: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and so Much More

New York Mercedes  Benz Fashion Week is officially over and now my life can return to some form of normalcy.  Most importantly I don’t have to be hungry all the time.  Yes during fashion week you have the opportunity to see all the latest designs but you have a lot of it in a short amount of time.  So, you are often running around from to show to show and once in a while there’s presentation thrown in there to make your life that much more busy.   The running around from place to place takes a toll on you and worse yet you have very little time to eat so often you are hungry.  I know you are like I can do that and it does sounds exciting at first but by day five you are ready to pass out.

Though, I am sure that you rather know about all the fun things and other happenings.  So I will tell you.

Favorite Collections – I attended many shows and some presentations so it was very hard to narrow down just a few because I enjoyed most of them.  Some I don’t remember at all, others I felt where blah.

My Favorites:

a) Twinkle By Wenlan -This  Spring/Summer collection is fresh but not overly girly yet is very feminine and pretty all wrap into a nice little package of bold colors and prints.  For me it was a welcome change from the blues, white and corals that I had seen before.

b) Binetti – I was blown  by the fun and exciting use of prints and soft fabrics in this collection. The styling was perfect and every piece seem to fall into place with the look. I don’t have anything bad to say. I just adored the collection it was fun, pretty and unique. I am actually looking forward to when the collection hits the stores.  I want a couple of pieces.

c) Jill Stuart – I heard so many positive comments in regard to the recent design changes at Jill Stuart.  The front row was jammed packed with celebrities.  Kelly Rowland, Amanda Bymes, Kim Kardashian, were just a few of the famous attendees.  The collection contained white, blues, and black pieces with interesting shapes.   I loved the deep V neck dresses with the funky shapes. I also loved the  pink and blue shimmer stripped dress.  There was a big bow dress that I didn’t quite get but I am willing to overlook that dress because the overall collection was perfection and SEXY.  Trust me when I say the collection of dresses is for that woman isn’t afraid to show skin.

d) Honorable Mentions for brevity sakes – ThisDay Arise, Leanne Marshall, Georges Chackra, G-Star and Cynthia Rowley.

The Crowd Favorites:

a) Monarchy – Everyone whom I spoke with and attended the show really loved collection and listed this one as their favorite. I also attended but I honestly don’t remember it much perhaps it was because I was hungry.  So, I took a look at the collection again and I must say that I agree.

b) Custo Barcelona – I want to not have bitter feeling about this show. I really do but its hard.  As I was really looking forward to it but it was a crowded mess outside of the tents so I was unable to attend though I was confirmed.  That said the people who did attend had the most positive comments about the actual show and most loved the overall collection.  I was also impressed by use of models color which was many. Yeah for that, right?

c) Christian Siriano – This was another Custo Barcelona experience.  This was the show to see and attend and line to get in was insane. The  tent was packed with people hoping to attend the show including me but I was not so lucky so I had to see from the screen and its not the same.  That said all the people who did attend LOVED the collection and I must say that I agree.  I am positive that you will see some of his dresses  at a famous red-carpet event soon. It was that amazing.

My Not So Favorites – I know that I am going to get a lack of flack for this and perhaps I shouldn’t name them but clearly I will.

a) Chocheng – I was warned but I choose not to listen and now here I am to warn you.  First, the show included a host of low-budget models with the exception of Coca Rocha who I am positive was the entire modeling budget.  One model honestly looked like she was about to topple over, another one actually fixed her dress on the runway (and you know a real diva never does) and another looked like she never walked in heels in her life.  Second, the dresses reminded me of bridesmaid dresses. Now, ask yourself when was the last time you went to a wedding and said to yourself– hmm, I want that bridesmaid dress? Exactly, never. Now, if you are a bride and are saying to yourself, well the dresses that I choose for my wedding were pretty – how about I ask them them? Would they agree? I thinks not.  There was this Tiffany inspired dress that I didn’t quite know what to make of it.  There was a noticeable clap from the crowd but I honestly wonder if it was to cover for the shock of it.  The dress was literally a Tiffany blue with a big white bow and long line all the way down to floor.  I have no idea who would wear it anywhere besides a tacky wedding.  Gosh, I hope I am invited again.

b) Charlotte Ronson – The collection itself  was not bad but I was disappointed.  I think its because I expected more than what I was presented.  I did not see a cohesive collection and the pieces didn’t seem to flow into a fun story.  They seem to all over the place.  And, it seem rather commercial.  This wasn’t so bad was it?

Since, I want to be invited to shows next year I am going to move on.

Overheard and Seen in the Tents

a) Where are my nieces?” – Russell Simmons looking for his famous nieces at the end of Charlotte Ronson Show.

b) “He [Michael Kors] was a bitch me during the show…” A former Project Runway contest (whom shall remain nameless) on Michael Kors.

c) “Beauty is Pain” – from the many women in the tents wearing heels despite the obvious pain.


d) Saw Kelly Rutherford at the front of the ,Bryant Park tents curiously sending emails on her blackberry.  Though honestly I think she was waiting for someone to recognize her and take her picture.  So, being the kind person that I am, I graciously offered to take her picture  to which she happily obliged.

Best of the Best...

There’s a little secret about fashion week and that’s the specialty lounges which are are fun way to escape the madness of going to many shows in a short amount of time.  From Victoria Secret to Kmart to Nintendo and to many others they all have specialty lounges where guests are pampered and treated to specialty services such as massages and manicures.

a) Hautelook Lounge – offered a retreat like experience from all the craziness inside the tents. It was quite with food, free wifi and Sony Vasio computers all for free and open to most bloggers and writers.   For me it was much needed oasis where I often stopped by to check email and write.

b) Daily Suite – Free food, free blow outs, free mani all while relaxing on amazing rooftop with free booze. Need I say more? I think you get the idea.

c) Victoria Secret Lounge – I had the opportunity to preview the holiday collection that has yet to hit the stores and some new products such as form fitting seamless panties in fun colors.  I think many VS lovers will be pleased.  I also got a message that was much needed and best of all I got a gift card with my name on it. I never ever get anything with my name on it because its so uncommon.  So, that made my day.

Of course no Fashion Week is complete without the parties. Though the recession seem to have slowed things down (last year the parties where insane) they didn’t stop them.  But the party of week was the Dsquared after party.  Great rooftop party with Moet, food and of course just the coolest people in NYC and oh yeah the celebs came out in full force to party like the rest of us.

And there you have it fashion week in one little post.

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