July 17, 2018

Hot! Concept Korea IV Spring 2012 Collection

Concept Korea is a highly prestigious competition which gave five talented designers a chance to showcase their fashion design worthiness to the Industry’s elite.  On September 8th the stage at Avery Fischer Hall at  Lincoln Center was set; and these five winners proved why they deserved to be there.  Do Ho, Lie Sang Bong, Juyoung, Song Jon Wan, and duo Steve Jung & Yoni Pai, were able to relay their personal vision and introduce themselves through their collection.  Each designer had a distinctive quality expertly integrated throughout their collection; giving onlookers a glimpse of who they are as designers and how they intend to be remembered.

Doho: This designer’s uses material that reflects well against any light and sets a varying mood depending on how it catches the light.  The favorite of the evening from this line was the silk lavender dress with a silver knit overlay which created an edgy fashion-forward look. The rich fabrics exuded luxury, but the execution of the intricate tailoring was nothing less than visually stimulating.
Lie Sang Bong:  The inspiration for Lie Sang Bong’s collection comes from a traditional architectural technique in Korea, known as, “Dancheong-the art of painting wooden structures with decorative patterns.” This was evidenced by the intricate patterns and color combinations of each piece, where laser cut precision formed patterns reminiscent of the images that form if you stood by fun house mirrors at a carnival.  The fabric choices such as iridescent leather and printed sequins also helped to emphasize her point of view, which was edgy and forward thinking.
Juyoung: This men’s wear line is called Resurrection, which upon review, was aptly named as the concept for this collection was derived from experimenting with fabrics in varying ways. There were jackets made from “Neoprene-a rubberized, water resistant fabric and rider vests made from PVC (a vinyl polymer)” There is also a fabric that has “shape memory, ” which means it returns to its natural shape despite the cleaning process. This designer also incorporated vibrant hues to emphasize patchwork and prints that is influenced by “Jagakbo” a traditional Korean quilting technique.  Overall this collection is about creating contrasts, like using soft materials to create masculine structures or designing skirts for men.
Song Jon Wan:  This collection is a reassessment of what we know and love from 50’s glamor, layering of the 70’s and the lose fit of the 90’s.   The trends from these eras were modernized for the woman of today.  This makes this collection timeless, which is a necessary ingredient for salability.  It’s light, airy and comfortable with a fresh twist which complements the lifestyle of the woman on the go, who appreciates both luxury and effortless style.
Steve Jung & Yoni Pai:  This design duo created the Steve J & Yoni P line for the carefree girl with an urban edge.  The print, color and softness of the floor length skirts combined with the denim vest and T-shirts gave the impression that its wearer is not afraid to play with the unexpected.   The different pieces can be combined in a multitude of ways which gives the bohemian fashionista flexibility to showcase her personal style.

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