February 1, 2023
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Hot! How to Remember to Take Your Birth Control While on Vacation

Regardless of whether you take birth control pills, have a birth control implant, rely on a sponge or diaphragm, or replace your birth control patch weekly, your designated birth control method can’t be forgotten about because you’re on vacation. Many women will meet with their doctors ahead of a vacation to discuss how they can avoid pregnancy while abroad. A different birth control method may be prescribed if you believe that you will miss taking a pill or worry about being able to get emergency healthcare services. Order birth control online so that you have both a primary and a backup form of birth control to utilize prior to going on a planned vacation and you will have absolutely nothing to worry about as you enjoy your time away. Remembering to take your prescribed birth control during a vacation can be hard, so here’s how to ensure that your fun trip doesn’t result in an unplanned pregnancy.

Packing More Birth Control Than You Need

After you get to your hotel room and start to unpack your bags, you should be able to find your birth control stored where you know you put it. Sometimes, luggage can be displaced, so see about keeping a set of birth control in your carry-on bag as well as in your suitcases. If you have more birth control available than you need to take while on a trip abroad, then you probably won’t forget to take it.

Use Electronic Devices to Set Alarms

If you’ve always taken your birth control at seven o’clock in the morning, you will need to make sure that you keep taking it at approximately the same time. First, determine what time you’ll need to take the first dose of birth control so that no longer than 24 hours passes between the present time and your last dosage. Next, use your phone alarm to set a time when you’ll be regularly taking your next dose of birth control. If necessary, set an alarm on your phone, smart watch, tablet, and laptop so that you don’t miss a scheduled dose of birth control and need to double up the next day.

Keep Notes in Your Luggage to Remind You

Since you will need to go into your suitcases to locate toiletries, jewelry, and other items of great importance it can be smart to keep post-its and reminder messages about taking your birth control. Sometimes, we forget about our responsibilities while on vacation because we are out having an incredible trip. Seeing a note that you placed in your luggage will immediately remind you to take it.

While you’re gliding down a zip line or getting some sun on the beach, you shouldn’t have to worry about your birth control schedule. On the other hand, the consequences can be serious if you fail to take your birth control for the whole duration of your vacation. Remember to take your birth control in the morning after first getting up or just before you go to sleep at your hotel so that you don’t spend your vacation thinking about whether you accidentally got pregnant.

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