October 19, 2018

Hot! Gallery #NYFW Backstage Hair Report: Alon Livne SS 2015

The beauty pro at the helm of creating the hairstyle for Alon Livne Spring/Summer 2015 was none other than Woody Michleb (Creative Director and National Training Director).

The look was a minimalist but luxe one – very “Ice Queen,” actually – and one that we could see being just as cool in the summer (at the peak of when us gals want to pull her hair back) as it would be cold weather appropriate in the winter.

To create a sleek bun with a futuristic twist, you can follow these steps to recreate what Woody worked into Alon Livne’s SS 2015 model lineup:

1. Apply a tinted hair gel to either wet or dry hair.

2. Slick hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.

3. Tightly secure hair with a small elastic.

4. Split the ponytail into two parts and tie hair together tightly.

5. Wrap the left side around the base in a clockwise direction and the right side in a counter-clockwise direction.

For additional tips from our chat with the experts and a peek at the making of the final look, click through the gallery below!


Expert tip from Woody Michleb: When pulling hair back into a pony, don't keep hands too close - instead, leave some space, secure the pony, and then squeeze the pony closer to make it tighter.

Instead of using a typical hair tie, the Red Door Spa team used an elastic looped with bobby pins to secure the look.

Seen during run-through: glossy buns abound.

Alon Livne and Woody Michleb take a moment to soak it all in before showtime - and they were all smiles!

Now that's a high-shine bun.

Michleb credited the final, shiny, vinyl look to the help of Kerastase Gloss Appeal.

Photo Credit: Pauline Ma


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