June 25, 2022
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Hot! Loris Diran Spring 2011

Always synonymous with luxury, Loris Diran presented his Spring/Summer 2011 collection on September 15 at the Audi Forum in New York City (NYC). As the largest of 9 Audi Forums worldwide, this showroom space gave way to the energy of NYC which was both felt and seen; thanks to the floor to ceiling windows that spanned the 47th St corner of Park Avenue. This location emphasized that the Diran collection is more than just a brand of clothes, but a glimpse into the lifestyle of the person it would adorn.

Each piece was displayed on a state of the art rotating stage with a cage like sculpture in the center which held his signature floor length gown. The gown was soft pink in color and is meticulously encrusted with beading on the top half, while the torso had a basket-weave pattern made with two different shades of silk, giving any wearer of this garment both an inner and outer glow. Loris Diran, admittedly enamored by 70’s glamour, is known for strategically infusing those qualities in his design aesthetic. For this collection in particular he was most inspired by “Diana Ross in the movie Mahogany” which was evident in the cage-like braids he chose to complement each garment. He translated his inspiration into many of the pieces as well as the surroundings in the display space; such as the cage that was set in the middle of the platform, the basket weave navy & white patterned mini skirt or the gown in the middle with strips of silk around the waist that gave balance to the bodice. All these pieces combined created a visually pleasing presentation which the guests seemed to enjoy.

The cleverness that was put into the design of each piece had the added advantage of being created with the most exclusive fabrics. The silks, charmeuse & even seersucker were imported from the Hermes factory in Italy, where only the most connected of designers could think of making such a request. However, having worked with legendary fashion houses in his earlier years such as Chanel & Versace, it is no surprise that Diran would have such clout, and rightfully so, as he has made an impact in the fashion world as well as New York’s fashion elite. Despite the grandeur & sumptuousness of the fabrics, there is still an unassuming simplicity; borderline innocence, inherent throughout the collection. It instigates a sense of intrigue, as you are left wondering why each piece speaks to question the creative process as it appears to be so simple yet so effortlessly chic. Nevertheless, knowing the source and the exceptional quality of the fabric dispels any doubts that a piece from this Diran collection is worth having.


By Lisan J. Simpson

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