October 2, 2022
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Hot! Kai Milla Spring/Summer 2010 Presentation Review

Kai Milla Presentation Review:

By Shantee Gordon

Upon entering the Museum of Art and Design Monday night, guests were greeted with hot tunes spun by DJ Kiss.  This was a nice touch that added to the mood of the evening. I rocked out to Beyonce’s  “Sweet Dreams” as I made my way up the stairs to where the event was being held. The crowd was small and everyone was gathered for the presentation of Kai Milla’s Spring/Summer 2010 “Belle de Four” collection.  The room was gripping with excitement. The setting did not suggest that this would be your typical presentation.

While I waited for the festivities to begin, I chatted with a camera man who was also setting up for the big moment. Both of us were very curious as to how the clothing would be displayed. Amidst the excitement ushers began clearing designated points around the small crowd. Shortly after the ushers finished, I noticed the elevator from where I was standing open and two fiercely dress women stepped off. One woman wore a red dress that clinged to every curve and the other shorts with a sexy blazer that seemed to be covered in two dimensional red and grey circles.  And with that the presentation began and in a very dramatic way.If I had to guess what the theme of the night was – I would have to say either how to make a hell of an entrance 101 or better yet all eyes on me, baby!  Surely if you were wearing anything thing from this collection no one would be able to take their eyes off you.
Periodically the elevator continued to open and another model would sashay off wearing another impressive piece. Each model walked around the crowd and made her way to a display of manikins that were also adorned with Kai Milla clothing. This is where the model took her time and posed for the cameras. The idea was unique, interesting, and all in all a really smart way to showcase the line.  I was also impressed with the colors, prints, and fabric chosen for each piece in the collection.  Black, red, and yellow were the main colors in the line, while the prints were whimsical circles and “water color.”  Candy crimson and mango colored dresses made for a deliciously glamorous look.  While the water color prints made for a stunning accent to a few of the looks. The looks were very soft and feminine and the pieces were ready to wear.

What I really enjoyed most about the presentation was how the clothing really complimented the shape and complexion of the women wearing them. Its always nice to see a show where there is a variety of shapes and shades of women represented.  It’s a realistic representation of the women who will most likely buy the clothing.  In my opinion Kai Milla’s Spring/Summer 2010 “Belle de Four” collection is the epitome of sophistication and femininity.  It’s also the best way to end my first fashion week experience.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for next season.

Below are some of my favs of the night.  Images for use on TFR courtesy of Ms. Shantee Gordon.

Kai Milla Spring 2010 Collection

Kai Milla Spring 2010 Fashion Show

Kai Milla Collection


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