August 4, 2021
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Hot! Hot Beauty Buy: Viva La Juicy Noir

Viva La Juicy Noir – Sounds enticing right? We certainly were privy to the allure of the scent when we sampled it. The packaging alone conjures intrigue — a glass bottle filled with the pink potion and adorned with the detail of the brand’s logo and an ostentatious black satin bow.

Ladies, take it from us, this is not a scent to spray on your body before bed (unless you are daring). It will invoke your inner beast and compel you to plunge forward into your hidden self-assured diva. The scent bares the bold, daring, and unapologetically feminine and youthful features we expect from the brand. Viva_La_Juicy_Noir_Juicy_Couture_2 Fruity at the front, with woody elements, this scent finishes with floral notes and a hint of vanilla that will make you swoon.

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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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