October 22, 2018

Hot! Gallery Beauty Diary: How Sibu Beauty Saved My Skin During #NYFW

New York Fashion Week has come and gone like a whirlwind as it does each season, but for me there are a few things that have remained. These include sore feet that are gradually recovering (sorry, feet!), an intense desire to catch up on sleep, and… miraculously amazing skin despite all the perils of running around the city.

I have Sibu Beauty to thank for the lovely surprise (the surprise being that my physical fatigue and lack of time didn’t seem to take a toll on my skin… at all!). What better week to give the brand’s various skin and supplement offerings a test run than one where I’d face extreme heat, humidity, stress, and alas – sweat? Despite these conditions, my Sibu Beauty regimen performed wonderfully, was long lasting, and kept my pores unclogged. Here’s how I empowered my skin during NYFW from the get-go each day – which wasn’t a tedious process at all despite the various steps.

I hope you feel inspired to consider giving Sibu Beauty a try for yourself!

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1. Wash face with Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser ($17.95). I have combination skin where some parts tend to become oily, even overnight, so I found this cleanser to be light, fresh (the scent is a nice pick-me-up in the morning), and gently exfoliating. It's also now one of my favorite ways to remove makeup; it really does erase all traces of it... a must in the evenings before bed!

2. Mist Sea Buckthorn Clarifying Toner ($24.95) onto face and pat gently for the conditioning formula to absorb fully into skin. This was a multi-tasker that helped balance my combination skin and prepare it for makeup application.

3. Apply Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Face Cream ($20.95) to face. The combination of shea butter, aloe vera, and orange peel essential oil in this cream made for a non-greasy moisturizer and one that kept my skin feeling hydrated all day. SPF is so, so important though - so I checked that off my list with my makeup itself, using a CC cream and setting powder that both contained SPF.

4. Take two capsules of Sibu Cellular Support with Omega 7 ($29.95 for 60 count). I consider a tall glass of water to be the first part of my breakfast routine each day - a way to start my body off feeling hydrated and help it flush any toxins out early on. As someone who gets sick easily and frequently (my immune system is a weakling!), I was eager to try a supplement that boasts nutritional support not just for skin, but for mucous membranes (including digestive health), and I was delighted to not only not be sick but to have more energy overall after a few days of trying these soft gels.

5. Relax with Sea Buckthorn Purifying Mask ($29.95). This was such a treat to decompress with after a few hectic days of NYFW. I left a thin layer of the clay mask on for about 5 minutes and let it soothe my tired skin. I love that this mask doesn't sting like some detoxifying masks do - instead, it feels genuinely hydrating but exfoliating all at once. After rinsing, skin looked and felt noticeably fresher. It's now one of my favorite weekly beauty indulgences!

6. Dab Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil ($15.95 for 10ml) on problem areas or places where skin feels dehydrated. This miracle worker is 100% organic sea buckthorn seed oil from the Himalayas, a remedy that has been used for centuries in Asia to preserve youthful skin (and the power ingredient behind the Sibu Beauty brand, as you probably noticed!). Although it feels oily to the touch, it absorbs quickly into skin and leaves no residue. It worked fabulously to help heal my dry spots and redness.

Note: I use this particularly sparingly, but you can choose to massage a dime sized amount into entire face and/or neck if desired.

Sibu Beauty products are available at SibuBeauty.com, Whole Foods, and Sprouts (among other specialty retailers).

*The products mentioned here were provided for review – but all opinions expressed are my own.

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