February 9, 2023
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Hot! Four Ways to Help an Anxious Dog Relax

Just like humans, dogs can also become anxious and stressed for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps your pet is in a new environment that they are not familiar with, they’re taking a trip to the vets, or they’re in pain due to an illness or accident. Maybe you have adopted a rescue dog who has been mistreated in the past and they easily stress out around humans that they’re not used to and find it difficult to trust. When reacting to a stressful situation, most dogs will show their anxiety in several ways, such as by becoming clingier, retreating and becoming shy, or even acting out and misbehaving. As a good dog owner, you will likely be able to pick up on your dog’s cues that they are becoming stressed, but how do you respond to help make them feel better? Here are some of the best things that you can do to calm an anxious dog.

Dietary Supplements

If your dog tends to be anxious and stressed a lot of the time, then you might want to consider adding supplements to their diet that are designed to help calm them down and balance them. For example, Canna-Pet is a supplement made with hemp, which is designed to help your dog relax. In addition, if your dog has a health condition that causes them pain and discomfort, this supplement can also help with pain relief, which in turn can decrease stress levels and allow them to live a healthier and more comfortable life.

Physical Attention

If your dog is comfortable around you and trusts you, then giving them some physical attention can help to calm them down and relieve their anxiety during a stressful experience. Petting and cuddling your dog can be very effective when they are feeling stressed; being close to somebody that they recognize and trust can help them to feel calmer, safer, and more relaxed.

 Stay Calm

Bear in mind that if you are also stressed and anxious, then your dog is likely going to pick up on this – especially if they are very in tune to your emotions and always tend to know when something is wrong with their beloved human. Dogs can be very intuitive and have a ‘sixth sense’ about when something isn’t right, so if you are acting anxious and stressed around them, they might begin to feel a little worried themselves. Try to stay calm in any stressful situations involving your dog – when they see that you are not worried, this will reassure them.


Lastly, distracting your dog with exercise can help to take their mind off a stressful situation and allow them to burn off some energy, which will promote relaxation and calm. Taking your dog for a walk, playing ball games, or going for a run with them are all great ways to burn off some of the tension and leave your pooch feeling more relaxed and happy.

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