January 28, 2023
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Hot! Mixologists Serve it at Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge Remixology

This past Monday, we took a break from all things fashion and you know watching models get all pretty, to attend Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge Remixology competition.

Held at The Liberty cocktail lovers including us (and as you might know we love a good cocktail) sampled drink creations from mixologist Ben Clemons, Dan Stahl, Lubens Besse, and Ted Kilpatrick.  Each presented his creation in a fun way (read: with costumes). Clemons, for example showcased his “Cherry Superstitious,” made with Appleton Estate Reserve, green apple juice, cherry heering, dolin blanc and topped with allspice soda, while  wearing a wig and oversized sunglasses and not before performing Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”; Stahl, on the other hand showcased his “A Thing Called Love,” cocktail, which was inspired by U2’s song bearing the same name featured Appleton Estate Reserve with coconut cream, passion fruit syrup, fresh lime juice, allspice dram and topped off with champagne, dressed as (obviously) Bono; not to be outdone Ted Kilpatrick prepared his “Red But Not Quite,” which featured Appleton Estate Reserve, grenadine, tonic water, and an egg white, with gusto and the cocktail was a hit with the judges.

All of this happen in just the first round; The mixoligist continued creating cocktails as guest nibbled on Jamaican inspired bites and dance to fun music.

However, when it was all done Ted Kilpatrick walked away the nights winner.  The judges — Jamie Chung,  Diem Brown, Dale DeGroff, Natalie Jacobs and Collin Appiah it seems were wowed by his creations. For his efforts Kilpatrick, will enjoy a trip to Jamaica to visit the Appleton Estate and the title of Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge Remixology Champion.

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