July 24, 2021
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Hot! “Decades of Fashion” with Century 21

Century 21, a shopping haven for budget conscious and deal savvy fashionistas, is celebrating its 50th anniversary of bringing great deals to the masses. Naturally, a series of events and activities are scheduled to commensurate the big 5-0. Though, what’s really got me excited is their “Decades of Fashion Program,” a special initiative where five bloggers were chosen to chat about the last five decades on their effects on fashion. I am one of five.

Obviously, I am thrilled with this opportunity because as I long time customer, I am well aware that a great deal on a fashionable piece is only a rack away. And, in the last 50-years in business Century 21 has done an exemplary job in finding said pieces.  It should go without saying that in the time Century 21 has been in business, the world of fashion has gone through several transformation with each decade as intriguing and as exciting as the one before and after. However, the seventies speak to me, like no other.

That decade was a time of calculated casualness and carefree bohemian spirit; the hippie movement influenced mainstream fashion and design. And the designs reflected an embrace to individuality and understanding of the cultural climate.  Designers like Sonia Rykiel and Diane von Fürstenberg created stunning wares that while unique looked great across all body types, a first.   Still, people dressed more casually than previous generations. They dressed in flowing floral prints tops and dresses, they wore bell bottoms which they paired with platforms. They also began to wear their jeans tighter thanks to Gloria Vanderbilt.   It was time of self exploration.

The influence of this decade is still apparent in today’s fashion. A look at this season  and upcoming collections showcases several influences of the decade.  And, why the 1970’s rock.

(I received a gift for being selected)

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