October 22, 2018

Hot! Callula Lillibelle Spring/Summer 2011

Callula Lillibelle, designer William Calvert explained, that each design should express emotion – it has to hit you. The Callula Lillibelle Spring/Summer 2011 collection effortless achieved that goal – with every single look being a take-home item to go from desk to dinner. And, each piece uniquely emotional.

The Callula Lillibelle woman travels the globe; she is from the globe. She gathers as she hunts and collects only the best. The multifaceted collection steers away from the idea of a cohesive collection in a good way – each look is uniquely brilliant.

The colors are celestial, and were carefully chosen. After winter, the collection tip-toes into Spring with blacks, whites and reds. When Spring is in full bloom, the collection explodes with bright colors such as lime greens, oranges and yellows. The third wave of the collection moves into whites and linens for summer to beat the heat. The materials are comfortable stretch cottons, tulle and silk.

Designers William Calvert and Melanie Fraser Hart draw their inspirations from old Hollywood glamour icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Tippi Hedren and Betty Paige. A modern take on Madmen style is part of their approach.

The most outrageous design in the collection is the Cosmic Print Linen Crop Jacket which has a splashed paint design that looked like a clash between a futuristic and 80s look. The jacket was paired with aqua biker shorts and a lime green sports bra to accentuate the bursts of color in the design.

I could not keep my eyes off the gold and black sequin dress, which was like a game of Etch-A-Sketch. The motion sequence sequins move with your body. If you rub your hands up the dress, the gold sequins will change to black. A design can even be drawn on the dress – I would opt for a smiley face just for giggles (not in public of course).

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. The designers definitely broke the rules, and as a result, fun is the perfect description for this collection.

Check images from the event.

(Image Above thanks to Formize)

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Danika Daly

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