May 11, 2021
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Hot! Lisan Takes City for Fashion’s Night Out

Sometimes, FAB takes the city for Fashion’s Night Out.  Read her adventures on this wonderful day.


t was Friday September 10th when I strutted down Fifth Avenue making it my personal runway. The air was filled with excitement as the day had finally arrived when the city that never slept had a reason to stay awake. It was going to be a night of parties, celebrities, champagne & the ultimate gift; late night shopping in all the major stores. For New Yorkers, this was better than if Bloomberg announced free parking or train passes for the rest of the year. Ok, in retrospect, that announcement would be way cooler, but this would be a close second. It was my first time experiencing Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) and I had all these expectations swirling around in my head, as I was unable to attend last year.

My first stop was Banana Republic to celebrate the New Yorker magazine’s exhibit of fashion covers over the past 85 years when magazines were only 15 cents (I know, the simpler times). I walked in, got some champagne and perused the display that lined the staircase and was strategically placed in almost every table top in the store. Initially, it seem odd that the New Yorker would choose Banana Republic to host their event and not a more high profile store, but my question was answered by one of the visual talents who created the look for the event. Banana Republic has had a long standing relationship with the New Yorker and has been a major client of that magazine for many years. So in exchange for free advertising, Banana agreed to host their event; a collaboration that would have long term financial benefits for both parties. Talk about a meeting of the minds in this cost conscious economy, where we are all feeling a strain. Why not help each other out and in so doing creating growth in both businesses. In any event, I digress; this night is about all things fabulous not depressing stuff like our economy. As I took my last sip of bubbly, I assess what would be the next logical stop on my FNO adventure. It would have to be none other than Saks Fifth Avenue.

I strolled into Saks where I was given an itinerary of all the events going on through all 7 floors of this fashion haven. Maybe it was the buzz from all the champagne, but I walked through Saks like I owned the place and this was my party. I tried on all the bags I want for this fall, like the double strap Chanel bag and the hardware embellished, mink covered cross body. This inspired me to take a ride to the fur salon, where on my way I stopped to see Zac Posen entertaining his fans by dancing to Micheal Jackson beats and having conversations like old pals. He too must have been wrapped up in the excitement of fashion week, as this was an unexpected surprise to see Zac so approachable. I also saw super model Karolina Korakova, Chris Benz and Peter Som playing bingo with shoppers, Taboo of Black Eye Peas took pictures with fans and this was all before getting to the fur salon. There was so much eye candy around; from the people, to the clothes, to the real life mannequins. Yes, I do mean real life mannequins. I recognize the oxymoron, but one of the details that Saks introduced was replacing mannequins with young models who stood still for hours while we questioned our sanity; wondering if the mannequin really moved.

Barneys was the next stop on the list. They brought the same fervor and energy I felt in Saks. The same was the case in Henri Bendel. I tried to go to Bergdorf, but the line was still wrapped around the building @ 10:30pm. The midtown area of Madison & Fifth Avenue transformed into club row in Chelsea or the meat Packing District. It was crowded, chaotic & very overwhelming, but I enjoyed every moment of it. I plan to do this again next year, but now that I have experience it first hand, I will definitely be more prepared, especially with some boots made for walking.

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