April 14, 2021
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Hot! Beauty Buzz Kick Off Series Party

Bookstore front

The Fabulous Report: Fashion Week—Not A virgin any more…Day 1

By Shantee Gordon

Sept 10th kicks off the official beginning of Fashion week 2009 and I am ashamed to say I was feeling like a “virgin.” It’s sad to say that I have lived in New York City all my life and since Fashion week’s inception I have never attended. I always wanted to, but was intimidated by all the glitz and glamour.  I figured in order attend the events one had to know somebody who knew somebody’s mama. So what has changed you ask? Well I now know somebody.

Even though I plan on getting my cherry popped by attending a few of the upcoming Fashion Week events. I tested the waters with a pre-fashion week event. On September 9th I attended a really interesting and informative seminar on beauty. The event was hosted by The Hue-Man bookstore and cafe in Harlem and was the kick off for the upcoming “Beauty Buzz” series. Even though

I have heard about the awesome events this bookstore has previously hosted, I must admit that this is the first time I have attended one.  And best believe it will not be the last time. I already marked my calendar for the “Beauty Buzz” series. As a note, this says a lot because I am far from being considered a “girlie girl”, but enjoyed myself so much and found it to be so informative.

In attendance for this event were renowned celeb makeup artists Andrea Fairweather and D’Angelo Thompson. Personable and knowledgeable they shared their experiences in the business and dropped jewels for the future make-up artist to the stars.  Showcased were “Fairweather Faces” make-up brushes and attendees got the chance to experience the “star treatment” by having make-up applied professionally with the brushes.

All in all, I can say I started fashion week off right with this event. Make sure you check out the “Beauty Buzz” series which will have more in depth discussions around the business aspects of being a makeup artist, enhancing your own beauty techniques, choosing a makeup artist, and the new look for the winter season. As for me, I am on to day two of my fashion week adventure.

The Hue-Man Bookstore And Cafe


FairWeather Faces


D’Angelo Thompson


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  1. I love Hue-Man bookstore. I literally Laughed Out Loud when I read “cherry popped” comment. Thanks again TFR for keeping us in the IN. Smooches, Nyala