April 13, 2021
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Hot! An Epic Recap of Fashion’s Night Out


Anna Wintour is a genius – short and simple. The Vogue Editor-at-Large’s idea for Fashion’s Night Out has really changed the city. Only someone who really loves fashion would create an EPIC day of shopping, where retailers offer significant discounts to lure shoppers back into to the stores.

Yesterday, like many New Yorkers, I took to the streets. The Vibe was electric.

In Soho shoppers lined the line the New York City Blocks to the point that walking was nearly impossible. Seriously! Chanel (who offered shoppers first dibs on their new polish colors) had a line that stretch the entire Wooster block. People where indeed shopping, no heavy party at Chanel. Like Chanel the queue to get into Piperlime was long. Though unlike Chanel there was a DJ, food, drinks, Rachel Zoe, and so many other activities to help some smart shoppers enjoy the evening. A few blocks down Nicole Miller along with Cassie hosted a special invite only party that was packed. Soho was on fire as many people tweeted.

The Vibe in the meatpacking was something out of this world. It felt like a movie set. Music was heard everywhere, activities, and specialty “pop-ups” were all around. The ZYNC from American Express and Gilt Groupe, where I spotted Denise Richards, hosted a special booth. The booth had makeup touch-ups, offered guests an opportunity to have a picture taken, and guests who signed up for the new ZINK service a chance to $500 Gift Card. Like, last year, Tory Burch, was the place to really party. DJ Cassidy was manning to the table and he was on his A-Game. We spotted, Keri Washington looking fab chatting with Tory.  And, the party continued on at the many stores in the area.

Stay tuned for more coverage but in the meantime. Check out pictures from last night…


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