February 4, 2023
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Hot! Our Guide To Getting Your Hair Festival Ready

Getting your hair ready for a festival is challenging but keeping it healthy can be even more of a challenge. With the heat and excess styling causing hair loss for a large proportion of people, many are looking into direct hair implantation turkey and other types of procedure to help reverse the signs of hair loss. In this article, we will be giving you a guide for how to care for your hair during a festival regardless of your hair type.

Tie It Up

One of the best things you can do is tie up your hair. This will not only be protected from the sun but it will help to prevent tangles and ensure your hair remains in place throughout the course of the festival. By tying up your hair you are also able to reduce the amount of grease built up in your hair keeping it looking fresh throughout the course of the festival, particularly if you do not have access to showers. 

Pack Dry Shampoo

Packing dry shampoo for your time at the festival is also important as this will give your hair the refresh that it needs without using harsh chemicals that can dry out the hair. With a selection of options from Batiste with both shampoo and conditioner combined, you can have a shower in a bottle to keep your hair looking great all night long. In addition to this, this can be passed around if you are traveling with friends, allowing you all to look and feel your best, regardless of how long the festival is.

Use UV protectant 

Much the same as your skin, it is important to protect your hair from the sun and keep it looking and feeling great. Although a little bit of lightening is always great for a sun-kissed glow, the UV protectant is key to ensuring your hair does not become dry and damaged whilst at the festival. This is particularly useful if you are not wearing a hat, as this can add moisture to the scalp and protect from sunburn allowing you to enjoy the music and the atmosphere without care. This can be purchased from a number of different retailers, allowing you to have the protection that you need with ease. 

Harness The Power Of Sea Salt Spray 

When attending a festival, you want a quick and simple way to get beach waves so you can get out and enjoy the festival, so why not try a sea salt spray. This gives you the styling power you need without any harmful chemicals allowing you to simply apply and go. This is great for those that also want to add volume to the lengths as it can be used to volumize curls and create a look fit for any festival ready. Simply add a flower crown or a wide-brimmed hat and you are ready to go in an instant. 

Whether you are attending a festival in the near future or you are planning your style ahead of a festival in September, each of these products can give you the look you want without using harsh chemicals or any heat. 

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