February 2, 2023
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Hot! Feel-Good Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Paper Anniversary

Making it through your first year of marriage is definitely an occasion worth celebrating. Also known as the paper anniversary, your first anniversary is a great time to express just how much you’ve enjoyed being married to your spouse for a full 365 days.

That’s why finding the perfect gift is important if you want to show your husband or wife exactly how much they mean to you. From paper flowers and card games to photo art gifts and rare comic books, there are endless gift ideas you could consider for the special someone in your life.

Take a look at our selection of feel-good anniversary gift ideas for your paper anniversary.

Gifts for Her

Photo Art Gifts

After taking loads of wedding photos, your wife will no doubt love the idea of framing some keepsake photo art throughout your home. Use photos from your wedding to create a stunning display of holy matrimony that she won’t be able to get enough of. Finally, consider frames designed by independent artists for your photo wall display for something unique you both can appreciate for years to come.

Paper Flowers

Since a newlyweds’ first anniversary is called the paper anniversary, why not express your love for your wife with a bouquet of paper flowers? So, put those creative art skills to good use. Plus, going this route just makes good sense; after all, plenty of flower shops may have closed their doors due to COVID-19 pandemic. Still, that doesn’t mean the special lady in your life doesn’t deserve some flowers. Create a lovely floral display of the paper variety as well as a vase to show your love and appreciation for your wife and all that she does.

Handwritten Letter

It’s no secret that gifts that come from the heart tend to be enjoyed more and hold greater significance than anything you can buy in a store. Plus, these special mementos are something your wife can look back on years down the line and smile about. With that in mind, take the time necessary to craft a heartfelt handwritten love letter to express how deeply you feel about your wife and how much happiness she’s brought to your life over the years.

Gifts for Him

His Favorite Cuisine

As the old saying goes, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And if you believe that to be true about your husband, then make it a point to whip up a few of his favorite foods, so he can enjoy some of your delicious cooking on your anniversary. Or, if you’re not much of a cook, you can always order his favorite meal from a restaurant in town you both adore.

Rare Comic Books

If your husband is into comic books, consider getting him a few rare, hard-to-find comic books; that is, if you have the budget for it. Start off by tracking down any number of rare comic books featuring his most beloved superheroes. Not sure where to start your search? Visit a website like Indiebound.org, which provides a list of and highlights local independent bookstores throughout the country.

Card Games to Play Together

Spend your first anniversary playing a few of your husband’s favorite card games. Whether he’s into Uno, Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em, or another two-person card game, you’ll be able to create some great memories for your paper anniversary.

Celebrating Your One Year Anniversary the Right Way

Your paper anniversary is one of the most significant anniversaries you’ll have as a married couple, as this celebration tends to set the tone for those to follow. That’s why it’s important you commemorate the day you and your spouse tied the knot in a special way. Of course, while you have plenty of gift options at your disposal, take your time to really think about what type of gift your spouse would enjoy most.

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