October 19, 2018

Hot! Smirnoff Hosted a Tailgating Right Before Fashion Week

With football season here, Smirnoff Ice hosts Ladies With Game Tailgate in New York City on September 3rd hosted by Singer and TV Personality, Jessie James Decker. Football is no longer just a male event, ladies want in on it too! Smirnoff knows this. At their recent they delivered exactly what exactly female fan want. Once inside the venue, guests could feel the energy level was pumping. The events featured a lot of activities as a results guests had had a great time. For example, there were two beauty stations for nails and hair. The nail station was named “Fanicure” and guests could get their hair done at the “Blowout Victory” station courtesy of DryBar.

Guests were served mouth watering tailgate themed gourmet finger foods with special recipes of Smirnoff Ice mixed cocktails; all guests had a blast. They participated in games such as the classic jumbo-sized Jenga and Connect Four games with a drink in hand.

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Mary Li

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