June 25, 2018

Hot! #NYFW: Christian Siriano Spring 2014

Christian Siriano Spring 2014

SHOW: Christian Siriano Spring 2014

Makeup: HourGlass; Hair: Professional Sebastian

Inspiration: “The “Island of women” influenced silhouette’s from grass-lined huts, picturesque color-blocked residential streets, stonework, and the locally abundant dahlia. “ 

What We Thought:

It goes without saying that designers want to make pretty clothes that people want to wear and can buy. For some designers, including Siriano, the struggle is not whether people find their clothes pretty but whether can people can really afford to buy them.  While, Siriano designs are glamorous, they aren’t exactly wearable by the masses. As a result he’s struggled to create a collection this is true to his design aesthetic but also is wearable by the masses. This spring 2014 collection is by far his most successful in combining the two elements and it is his most commercial.

Inspired in part, by Mexico, the collection (and so did the presentation) has subtle nuts to the locale and featured lots of mesmerizing separates (including a lot of high-waisted skirts and some crop-tops) in a delightful color ways and patterns. One blazer–for example–a cropped collarless charmer, printed with bright flowers reminiscing of a tropical location and fully showcases his vision for his most wearable day-wear ensembles.  For his evening wear, the sophisticated “garden party” style. The dresses were colorful (including celadon and coral) in a combination of loose silhouettes and ladylike designs with sprinkled floral appliqué.

Overall the collection included a great play of fabrics, patterns and volume. A well executed collection for Siriano.

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