January 23, 2019

Hot! Gallery #NYFW Backstage Hair Report: Katie Gallagher SS 2015

It’s always a good time backstage with CATWALK by TIGI® Global Creative Director Nick Irwin, who was at the helm of creating what he called a “chill and pared down look” to accompany Katie Gallagher‘s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Fantasm. Make no mistake: Irwin emphasized that pared down did not mean plain, but rather, a reflection of the cool girl in New York City who represents the fact that “every girl ties her hair back” in the spring/summer and aims for that “effortless” beachy texture.

In stark contrast to last season, the look emphasized a less theatrical head shape overall – keeping hair as close to its natural look and volume as possible. The models’ hair was kept clean and prepped simply just with dry shampoo. In addition, we spotted a minimal number of brushes in sight(!) – Irwin noted that they were not brushing through hair but using fingers to run through hair instead to keep texture soft and gently tousled. To further complement certain looks in the collection, tulle acted as a delicate veil over the models’ faces and was worked right into the tousled hair.

Here’s how to get this coveted, effortlessly chic look:

#1: Prep hair by spraying Catwalk by TIGI® Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo on random sections to create an unkempt, textured look.

#2: Create a center part about an inch long from the hairline to just before the crown. Pull hair back while maintaining the part. Tuck behind ears and secure in a ponytail just above the nape (keeping natural hairline exposed).

#3: Separate a half inch piece of hair from the pony and wrap around an elastic. Secure with a bobby pin, hidden.

#4: Spray ponytail with Catwalk by TIGI® Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo and scrunch with fingers to buckle the hair. Set texture with a blow dryer on low heat.

#5: Loosely pull at natural fly-aways with the palm of the hand to add more movement. Finish with a generous spray of Catwalk by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray

#6: To replicate the veiled look, drape fabric around face/head and secure elastics around the ponytail.

Below, take a peek at Irwin in action, as well as the backstage hustle with MAC Cosmetics and LVX (get the breakdown here).


Photo Credit: Pauline Ma

*Stay tuned for our full coverage of Katie Gallagher SS 2015! In the meantime, get to know the designer better with our “60 Seconds with Katie Gallagher” Q&A.

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