July 18, 2018

Hot! Peek the Inspirations for the Supima Design Competition 2014

If you can’t get enough of the designer inspirations for Spring 2015, you’ll love this: we’ve also got the inspiration sketches for the Supima Design Competition 2014, featuring its six design school finalists.

The Supima Design Competition 2014 winner will be announced at the end of the show on Thursday, September 4th at 1:00 PM EST. Catch the live broadcast of the competition to see the designs and find out who will win the $10,000 cash prize!

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Anastasia Iafrate
David Lee
Jenny Hoang
Ou Ma
Yuxi Bi

Inspired by the White Nights of St. Petersburg, with its cloudy and rainy sky and multiple shades of setting sun, a phenomenon that occurs in the summer months in the arctic circle causing twilight at local midnight.

-- Anastasia Iafrate (Kent State)

Inspired by floral prints and the use of a floral print in an abstract way that isn’t always expected from that of something inspired by florals.

-- David Lee (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising)

Inspiration is Transformer. The idea to transform such plain, basic and good quality cotton to something unexpected yet glamorous eveningwear.

--Jenny Hoang (Academy of Art University)

Inspired by her experimentations with Supima Cotton and designing silhouettes based on the performance of the fabrics she uses.

--Ou Ma (Fashion Institute of Technology)

Inspired by the visual shape and mood of decaying flowers. Unlike the obvious beauty of flowers, Sharon focuses on finding beauty in something more unexpected—flowers in a stage of deterioration.

--Sharon Moon (Rhode Island School of Design)

The inspiration is based on the emotion, passion and relationship of love, where feminine figures and romantic emotions are depicted and emphasized by draping, pleating, and twisting around the body.

-- Yuxi Bi (Savannah College of Art and Design)

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