May 8, 2021
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Hot! NAOMI CAMPBELL for V Magazine as Photographed by KARL LAGERFELD

I know Naomi Campbell gets a bad wrap. I’ve read that she “hits” her staff and she has even been spotted wearing a shirt what says ‘Naomi Hit Me’.  I just think she is misunderstood.  I would totally work for her(Note: Naomi if you are reading, I am kidding, mama ain’t raise no fool) and I think we could bond over tea and shopping for Chip and Pepper jeans.  And, we can look at her work and discuss the state of her fabulousness because we know she is.

Anyways, we can start with exhibit A her recent shoot for V Magazine.  These pictures are just amazing and they were shot by the always sweet Karl Lagerfel and if you don’t believe that he is a sweet me just Google Karl Lagerfeld and Heidi Klum and see for yourself.   They pictures where shot in Moscow, Russia.

Images thanks to V Magazine (







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  1. I think she is the most beautiful woman of all time! I would even give up my curves to look like her. Jealous But Not Hating, Chloe