February 4, 2023
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Hot! Is Your Dog’s Food Making Him Ill?

Is your dog’s food making him ill? Let’s look at the signs that the blame lies with the dog food instead of other causes. We’ll also give recommendations regarding what to do if the problem is your pet’s food and how to determine without visiting a vet if anything other than the dog’s diet is the root cause.

Dull, Dry, or Flaky Hair

When a woman’s hair is dry and brittle, it may be due to her shampoo choice, washing it too often, chemical exposure like pool chlorine or insufficient protein in the diet. The same can be true of your pet. If you changed the soap you use when bathing your dog, don’t wash it too often and know that it isn’t due to chemical exposure, consider changing your pet’s food.

Lethargy and Weakness

Just like humans, fatigue and weakness can occur because of illness or malnutrition. In some cases, the secondary ingredients in pet food may be causing the digestive upset as well as the lethargy. Rule out illness before you change dog food. Increasing lethargy that would be explained by age can also be caused by the pet’s food. Don’t give your dog “all life stage” food since that has more protein and fats than an older dog needs. Give an older dog “adult maintenance” food to see if this improves the pet’s energy level.

Digestive Problems

If your pet is vomiting or pooping a lot, first determine if the animal is coping with an illness or parasitic infection. If the vet rules that out then the problem may be due to a diet that fails to meet their nutritional needs. If you’ve ruled out illness and parasites, change your dog’s food. Switching to a sensitive food diet for your dog or premium food instead of the cheap food is a low-cost solution to try compared to taking the pet to the vet. Certain herbal extracts have been shown to reduce nausea in pets as well as people, such as CBD oil for instance. Canna-Pet, for instance, sells CBD oil supplements that have been shown to greatly reduce nausea in pets, and they’re 100% natural.

A Big Belly

Assuming your dog isn’t pregnant, there are several causes of a big belly. One is insufficient exercise given the amount the dog eats. The solution is taking the dog out for walks more often. Another cause can be food with more calories than the pet needs; the solution here may be to stop giving the dog human food and give it “weight loss” branded dog food, so it gets all the right nutrients without the extra calories.

Itchy Skin

Itchy skin in pets can be an allergic reaction to the food they are eating. It can also be due to ticks, fleas, and other insect bites. Your dog could have itchy skin because it ran through something it is allergic to. First, give the dog a good bath and check for insect bites. If the issue continues, consider changing the dog’s food.


Many symptoms can be caused by your dog’s diet or other causes. Rule out obvious causes, but if the symptoms remain, consider switching the dog to a more suitable dog food or treating the condition yourself. Severe symptoms and ongoing symptoms should be addressed by a veterinarian.

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